Baby Records is a customizable app that supports your baby’s growth.

Sofia, your nurse & nanny, will be there for you every step of the way.

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Sofia is

your best friend
your freedom
your guardian
your best friend
your freedom
your guardian

Sofia’s journey started with a simple desire: to be there for parents at every step of their new adventure. Trained through over a hundred conversations with child experts & hospital stays, her expertise isn't just clinical.

She brings practical advice and life hacks that only someone with a lifetime of caring for babies can deliver. Sofia is the embodiment of Baby Records' vision — to become a partner who brings expertise that nurtures both you and your precious little one.

Come meet sofia
Sofia isn't just an app; she's a friend — your best friend, in fact.

She embodies someone you know and trust who’s chosen to dedicate her life to the art of childrearing.

Picture a childhood companion who's always been there for you, through loss and success.

Well, she’s come right when you need her most... to be your personal nurse and nanny.

Her patience for your needs is limitless, and she’s equipped with the wisdom of best nurses and midwives.

That's our Sofia :)

What Can We Do For You?

Need Help?
Just ask Sofia.

Don’t spend hours every day Googling every little thing. Just ask Sofia. She was trained with medical and child-rearing experts.

Track exactly and only what you care about

Create Activities to track your baby’s growth. Use our suggestions, select your preferred ones, or make your own.

Record every important step

With Baby Records, you can keep track every milestone, big and small, of your child’s meteoric rise from sleep thief to tiny person.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the journey.

Baby Records lightens your mental load with an AI nurse and nanny who supports you and your baby during all the many steps of their precious, little life.

Steps to Using Sofia

Unlock your phone
Open Baby Records
Ask Sofia something
Get a detailed answer

Want to see her in action?

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What You’re Getting

All-in-one nanny chatbot built to support you

Questions answered quickly with reliable sources

Over a hundred conversations with baby experts in your pocket

Why It'll Help

Customize the app to show only what you need

Streamlined UI that suits you and your family

Lower stress by reducing your mental load

In Short Baby Records Is

the new AI chatbot that answers any parenting question 
trained using over a hundred conversations with baby experts
delivering highly relevant answers with sources 
so mommy gets a break and some “me” time  
and just focuses on what’s important to her   
like having peace of mind once in a while 
more free time with hubby and friends
freedom from Google & social media
without becoming a weirdo luddite
keeping grandparents in the mix
recording treasured memories
all kept safe with the nanny
our Sofia in Baby Records. 
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Baby Records Features

Instant AI Answers

You can ask any parenting or medical question and get a detailed answer immediately

Multi-user Experience

The whole family can see how the baby is growing and what his or her needs are

Customized Control

The customizable activities mean you can track exactly what you want

Seamless Experience

UI is simple and intuitive, allowing instant access to the Sofia and other main functions

Latest Technology

Sofia gets more versatile and comprehensive with each successive generation

Happy Parenting

You can relax knowing you don’t have to look far to find answers for the baby’s needs


Baby Records supports you and your baby during all the many steps and adventures to come.

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About Us

At Baby Records, we’re looking to restore balance for our users during the early stages of parenthood. We combine the wisdom of experience with the precision of medical expertise because the adventure of raising your baby is both beautiful and incredibly difficult.

That's why we created our app. We needed it ourselves. And we’ve made it into something we wish we’d had during that first chaotic year with our newborn. For you, it’ll serve as an AI companion & nanny in your first year and beyond. Regain peace of mind and get a helping hand whenever you need it.

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