Sofia's story

Lessen your Mental Load with Your Personal AI Nurse and Nanny. At the heart of every new parent's journey, along with laughter and sleepless nights, lies a story of unconditional love, the need for guidance, and a seemingly unending search for balance.

Sofia’s journey started with a simple desire: to be there for parents at every step of their new adventure. Trained through over a hundred conversations with child-care experts and hospital stays, her expertise isn't just clinical.

She brings the practical touches and life hacks that only someone with a lifetime of caring for babies can deliver. Sofia is the embodiment of Baby Records' vision — to become a partner who nurtures both you and your precious little one.

Sofia isn't just an app; she's a friend — your best friend.

She embodies someone you know and trust who’s chosen to dedicate her life to the art of childrearing.

Picture a childhood companion who's always been there for you, through loss and success.

Well, she’s come right when you need her most... to be your personal nurse and nanny.

Her patience for your needs is limitless, and she’s trained through over a hundred conversations.

That's our Sofia :)

Introducing Sofia

Sofia redefines modern parenting

Get detailed answers to all your parenting questions

AI trained through over a hundred conversations

You now have an AI nurse and nanny in your pocket

Get detailed answers to all your parenting questions

AI trained using 1,500+ midwives and expert nurses

You now have an AI nurse and nanny in your pocket

Core Features

Your Questions, Answered Instantly

Sofia offers busy parents real-time, medically sound advice

She can provide you with custom meal plans for your baby

Or let you know when it’s time to consult with your doctor

Start Your Journey with Sofia

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How Sofia Works

Sofia is an AI-powered chatbot native to the Baby Records app. She functions as a nurse and nanny virtual assistant for parents. Her core function is to help you navigate the early years of parenthood. Here's a breakdown of how Sofia works:

Foundation on ChatGPT 4 Technology

Sofia is built on the advanced framework of ChatGPT 4, a state-of-the-art language processing AI. This technology allows Sofia to understand and respond to a wide range of your questions instantly in a conversation.

Specialized Training

Unlike standard ChatGPT models, Sofia has been specially trained with data from over hundred conversations with nurses and midwives. This training ensures that the information Sofia provides is both accurate and also aligns with best practices in infant care and early childhood development.

Real-Time Interaction

Parents can interact with Sofia in real-time, asking questions or seeking advice on various topics related to baby care. Whether it's about feeding, sleeping patterns, developmental milestones, or health concerns, Sofia is programmed to provide relevant, informed responses.

Personalized Advice

Leveraging AI and machine learning, Sofia can offer personalized advice based on the specific information provided by the user. For example, if you input details about you baby's sleep patterns, Sofia can give tailored suggestions to improve sleep quality.

Access to Reliable Sources

Along with offering advice, Sofia can direct you to trusted medical sources and literature. This feature is invaluable if you’re looking for in-depth understanding or want to verify the information she’s given you.

Continuous Learning and Updates

Sofia is designed to evolve and improve over time. With each interaction and the latest updates in pediatric care, Sofia's responses become more accurate and helpful, ensuring you always have access to current best practices.

User-Friendly Interface

Sofia is accessible through the Baby Records app, featuring a user-friendly interface that makes interactions seamless. You can engage with Sofia as if you’re messaging your friend, making the experience intuitive and stress-free.

Sofia FAQ

Understanding and Utilizing Your AI Nurse and Nanny

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Download Sofia now and get the comfort that comes with having a knowledgeable AI-powered nurse and nanny at your fingertips.

Her recommendations are built on knowledge and genuine care and understanding.

Sofia understands that raising a baby is a journey filled with questions and uncertainties.

From how and when to bathe your baby, to introducing solid foods, from playful activities to explanations about phases in your child’s development, she's there to guide you.

She's more than a chatbot.

She's a companion who's there for you 24/7, a comforting presence in your pocket, ready to support you through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with raising a tiny human being. With Sofia, you're never alone. She's your confidante, offering advice that's not only medically sound but also tailored to your unique journey as a parent.

At Baby Records, we believe in the power of community and support.

In a world where the proverbial village is hard to come by, Sofia brings the power of a whole community back to parenting. She's a testament to our belief in technology as a tool for empowerment and freedom.

Our mission with Sofia is to lighten your mental load, not add to it.

We want you to enjoy the beautiful moments of raising your little one, secure in the knowledge that Sofia is there to support you in every way.

She's not an AI; she's the first step in a movement towards simpler, more joyous parenting. Sofia is here for you. Embrace your parenting journey with confidence.

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