Create Activities to track your baby’s growth. Use our suggestions or track only what you care about. With Baby Records, you can record every important step of your child’s meteoric rise from sleep thief to tiny person. Sofia will guide you through all the Activities and their endless possibilities.

What is the Baby Journey?

Activities are designed to guide you through your baby's journey through life, offering a comprehensive way to monitor their growth and progress. From week to week or month month, you can track whatever is important to you and your family, letting you stay organized and informed.

Each week or month has smart components which let you follow up with what is coming next and what you need to do. You can also dive deep into your baby's history from Day 1 and see how things are changing.

Month 1-3

Master early feeding, sleep patterns, and gentle play. Start building your baby’s strength with tummy time.

Month 3-6

Adjust to your growing baby’s needs, track developmental milestones, and introduce new ways of playing together.

Month 6-12

Navigate the active learning phase. Focus on diverse foods, sleep routines, and playful learning activities to boost motor skills.

Formula tracking is among the most used activities.

Easily track formula feeding with our app. Monitor the number of daily formula meals and feeding times effortlessly. Stay informed about your baby's nutrition intake with just a few taps. Our intuitive interface simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on your baby without the hassle of remembering times and quantities.

Track how much baby drank: Formula, Milk, Water...
Automatically calculate how much baby had in total during the day.
Choose to track in ML or FL OZ.

Breastfeeding is also essential if it suits your family

Breastfeeding is crucial for a baby's development. With our app, easily monitor breastfeeding sessions and keep track of frequency and timing. Track your baby's feeding patterns and ensure they're getting adequate nourishment. Each feeding session is easy to record thanks to our intuitive interface, so you can focus on what's important: your baby's health and well-being.

Automatically calculate how many times you breastfed today.
Easily keep track of which breast baby drank from last.
Note the time from the last breastfeeding.

Keep track of what you're losing most: Sleep

Our app simplifies baby sleep patterns by tracking sleeping windows, letting you understand how much rest your little one is getting. With easy-to-use features, monitor nap durations and bedtime routines effortlessly. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a well-rested mom and baby, thanks to our comprehensive sleep tracking capabilities.

Track daily sleep routines.
Master your baby's sleeping windows.

Bowel movements and the benefits of tracking them

Our app streamlines tracking your baby's poop and pee habits, offering insights into their health and hydration levels. Easily record diaper changes, noting the frequency and consistency of bowel movements and wet diapers. Stay informed and proactive to ensure your baby's well-being, with our user-friendly interface guiding you through every step of the process.

Media to capture and keep safe all the important moments

In our Media Activity, easily upload images and videos to create personalized albums for your baby's diary. Capture every precious moment, from their first smile to all of baby's adorable milestones. Our intuitive platform organizes your media seamlessly, allowing you to cherish and share memories with loved ones, all within a few clicks.

Advanced Activities

Unlock advanced tracking capabilities with our app, including a vaccine scheduler with push notifications to keep you on top of immunizations. Plan solid food schedules and meals effortlessly, giving your baby the best and most balanced nutrition. Track growth milestones with detailed dates and monitor baby's development journey with precision and ease.

Vaccine schedule with push notifications

Track vaccinations and get reminders when the next one is due. You can activate settings that will give you a full vaccination plan according to your needs.

Full meal plan including recipes

Easily introduce solid foods with our app, featuring nutritious recipes and guidance for adding non-milk foods to your baby's diet. Simplify meal planning for a healthy start to their journey.

Baby sprouts & development phases

Navigate your baby's growth journey with our Baby Sprouts feature, guiding you through development phases with a personalized plan. Track milestones and nurture your little one's progress with confidence and ease.

"Checkout" and its endless possibilities

Our Checkout activity offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to track virtually any aspect of your baby's care. Monitor medications or vitamin doses during illnesses or track visits and notes from your doctor. With endless customizable options, you have the freedom to tailor your tracking to your specific needs, ensuring an all-in-one care suite for your baby.

Track medications and vitamins.
Track visits from healthcare professionals.
Choose what's important for you & make your own activity.

Appointments with push notifications

Our app provides comprehensive appointment tracking for your convenience. Whether it's a specialist appointment or a routine check, effortlessly log and manage all your appointments in one place. Receive timely notifications with reminders sent five days before, three days before, and on the day of the event, ensuring you never miss an important appointment again. Simplify your schedule and stay organized with our intuitive tracking features.

Tracking fevers is also very important

Our Fever activity is crucial for monitoring your little one's health when they're unwell. Easily track the duration and intensity of their fever, providing valuable information for medical consultations. Say goodbye to trying to remember details under stress; with our app, you can instantly access accurate records to share with your doctor. Prioritize your child's well-being with streamlined fever tracking, ensuring prompt and informed care whenever the baby is unwell.

Keep track of how long and how frequently fevers come.
Lessen your mental load whenever the baby is sick.

Keeping track of expenses is very helpful

Our Expense tracking feature provides a comprehensive overview of your baby's financial needs. Monitor expenses effortlessly, from clothing and foods to various necessities. With detailed categories available, easily review your monthly expenses so you can stay on top of your budgeting and financial planning. Stay informed and in control of your baby's outrageous spending habits... without having to wonder where it's all going.

These activities are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates and features coming soon!

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