Origin Story

When our first child arrived, we were filled with joy and excitement, but also overwhelmed by the responsibility, fear, and our new reality. Every milestone, every little detail seemed so significant, yet we struggled to keep track of it all amidst the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. We wanted to know everything but what we really needed was to feel more relaxed and enjoy our time with the baby.

That's when the idea struck us – why not create our own baby records app?

A digital companion to help us navigate the beautiful chaos of parenthood. We wanted something that would not only keep our precious memories secure but also provide us with guidance and support whenever we needed it.

Growth Story

After months of hard work and countless revisions, our baby records app was born. It became our trusted ally, capturing every smile, every milestone, and every medical record with ease. But more than that, it became a digital companion for parents like us, offering support, advice, and full circle of help in the whirlwind of parenthood.

Today, as we watch our baby grow into a toddler, we're grateful for the journey that led us here. Our app not only helped us cherish every moment but also brought us closer together as partners and parents. And as we look to the future, we're excited to continue improving and expanding our app, empowering more families to create lasting memories with ease and confidence.

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Peace of Mind with Your Personal AI Nanny

Current Mission

At Baby Records, we’re looking to restore a little balance for people during the early stages of parenthood.

We’re combining the wisdom of experience with the precision of medical expertise because the adventure of raising your baby is both beautiful and incredibly difficult.

That's why we created our app. We needed it ourselves. And we’ve made it into something we wish we’d had during that first chaotic year with our newborn. For you, it’ll serve as an AI companion and nanny on your journey. You’ll regain peace of mind and get a helping hand whenever you need it.

Baby Records is a chatbot parenting assistant built using insights from over a hundred conversations with nurses and midwives, experts who’ve dedicated their lives to child care. Imagine your oldest, closest friend, someone you can rely on, and now imagine they’ve been medically trained to raise and care for babies. That’s what you’re getting, except your friend is in your pocket, available 24/7 to answer any and all of your parenting questions.

They’re not just mouthing off like random influencers online, either. No, they’re backed by reliable, proven medical sources. We want you to get the answers you’re looking for. But we also want it to be fast, trustworthy guidance that’s been verified on your behalf. All medical advice has sources attached in the chat.

In an age where information is overwhelming, especially with the little one already occupying so much of your mental load, Baby Records is here to help you breathe free, have less stress, and enjoy your time more, however you choose to spend it.

We also have customizable tracking features in our app.

Monitor your baby's progress, from breastfeeding, to sleep schedules, to recording the mountain of poop to come; you’ll stay on top of your baby’s needs and have records handy when talking to your doctor.

Our founders saw the gap in the market for an app that delivers on the most important needs of new parents. They wanted something they wish they’d had — a tool that empowers, educates, and eases the modern parenting experience.

At the heart of Baby Records is the desire to bring back the sense of community in parenting. In a world where we no longer have a village to help us raise the next generation, we can at least get reliable support and reassurance.

Sofia will liberate you from the endless cycle of Googling and questionable online advice. Use technology without becoming a slave to it.

Meet Sofia
Our goal is to reduce your mental load, not add to it.

We hope that as our app grows, we'll become a movement — a movement to bring back simplicity to parenting, offering support without overwhelming, and ensuring that your focus stays where it should be: on the joyous journey of raising your child.

Embrace your parenting with confidence, backed by the science of care.

We want to help you from day 0.

Our commitment is to be your trusted parenting companion in this hectic modern world. We're here to protect your happiness, confidence, and family time and to keep stress at bay for you and your partner.

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